Prescription Drugs Reforms

Rx Policies - Cut Health Care Costs and Promote Broader Health Care Reform

One of the biggest challenges our country's leaders face as they seek to address the nation's health care crisis - a challenge faced by federal leaders and state lawmakers alike - is the ever-rising cost of health care.  A key driver of health care costs is the price of prescription drugs, which accounted for 14% of all health care spending in 2007. 

A perfect storm has arisen - of high costs, budget deficits, and a public that is frustrated with the current system and eager for a new one - making 2009 prime for bold health care reform.  An essential piece of reform involves increased scrutiny of prescription drug costs and the drug industry, which manipulates the health care system to increase its profits. On the policy front, pursuing Rx reforms will help states reduce budget gaps and achieve important health policy goals, such as reducing drug prices and achieving greater access to life-saving medications.