RELEASE: PSN condemns Rell's veto of groundbreaking health care bills, urges override

NEW YORK — In response to Governor Rell's veto yesterday of two groundbreaking health care bills, Progressive States Network Senior Health Care Policy Specialist Adam Thompson today released the following statement:

“By passing the Connecticut Healthcare Partnership and SustiNet earlier this year, the Connecticut General Assembly gave Governor Rell a unique opportunity. She could have been the first Governor in the country to implement a public health insurance option. She could have extended quality affordable care to 98 percent of the population. She could have given badly needed financial relief to working families and small businesses at a time when they need it most. Instead she chose to uphold a status quo that is crippling the economy and sending families into bankruptcy.

Governor of No? - On health care, governor can stand with the people

With two landmark health care reform bills now on her desk, Gov. M. Jodi Rell has to decide whose side she is on -- small businesses and families struggling under the weight of high health care costs, or the state's health insurance industry, which has a big stake in preserving the costly status quo. Will she allow precedent-setting health care reforms to proceed, or will she, for the second year in a row, be the "Governor of No"?

PSN makes state voices heard in DC health care debate

As battle lines are drawn on Capitol Hill over the coming battle over health care reform, Progressive States Network is putting state legislators in the middle of the national debate. On Wednesday, PSN led a delegation representing over 700 state legislators to Washington D.C. to deliver a letter to the Obama Administration and Congress urging them to pass comprehensive health care reform with a public insurance option by the end of the year. The letter, which was signed by a bipartisan group of over 700 legislators from 48 states, called for any federal reform bill to include a public health insurance option, strong affordability protections, and shared employer responsibility for health care costs.

Paid Sick Days Passes in Connecticut House

Last week, the Connecticut House approved legislation to guarantee paid sick days off for employees in any business with fifty or more employees.  While the Senate adjourned the regular session without voting on the bill, a special budget session to be convened might have a chance to enact the bill.

"Obama-Ready" Public Health Insurance Plans Approved by CT House

Last week, the Connecticut House of Representatives passed two bills that proponents say will make Connecticut "Obama-ready" for national health care reform being debated in Congress.  Most notably, each CT bill would create the choice of a public health insurance plan in the state.

RELEASE: PSN Lauds passage of CT bills to create option of public health insurance pan

NEW YORK - The Progressive States Network warmly applauds the Connecticut House of Representatives' passage last night of two landmark bills that would each create the choice of a public health insurance plan in the state, the Connecticut Health Partnership, and SustiNet.  The votes underscore the growing momentum at the state level for the choice of a public plan, a priority for reform endorsed by many health care advocates and lawmakers at the national level.

Said Progressive States Network Senior Health Care Policy Specialist Adam Thompson, “If lawmakers in the insurance industry capital of the world can build the political will to pass legislation including the choice of a public health insurance plan, then surely our leaders in Washington DC can do the same.”