CO: Is Trailhead Laundering Corporate Money?

In the on-going investigative reporting unfolding on Colorado Confidential, it appears that the reason for all the odd financial dealings by the state's leading rightwing 527 is that they may be trying to launder corporate money in order to use it for electoral purposes -- illegal in Colorado. Trailhead was founded by Colorado Governor Bill Owen and is connected to some of the country's most powerful rightwing organizations. Notably, the meat of this story has all been broken wide open by local bloggers.

CO: Rightwing Secretary of State Ignores Some Laws, Invents Others

Colorado Secretary of State Gigi Dennis is doing a nice job, if "nice job" in elected office means using your powers for partisan gain. Twice in the last week, Dennis has been busted for using her authority to advance her own ideological goals, while ignoring the law. Yesterday, Rep.

CO: The Trailhead Gives Way to a Bizarre Path

The Trailhead is a rightwing Colorado 527 that has raised eyebrows in the past for its close connections to prominent Colorado leaders and some weird behavior. But new evidence reveals its behavior is getting even stranger. The Trailhead has engaged in a number of transactions with other 527s that the other 527s did not report.

Rightwing Fraud Derails Tax Revolt

The libertarian movement backed by a super-wealthy New York developer is proving why it hates the government so much: they appear constitutionally unable to follow the law. Howard Rich and his cronies have been behind efforts to clone Colorado's disastrous TABOR spending cap measure, various knock-off proposals based on Oregon's anti-land use planning law Measure 37, and various assaults on the judicial system.

A Convenient Truth: States Can Seize the Lead on Global Warming

In the groundbreaking film An Inconvenient Truth, Vice President Al Gore makes an impressive case that it is now essential that the world act to prevent the potentially catastrophic implications of global warming. The film could not come at a more critical time. While the planet warms, Washington dawdles. The nation's political elite remains mired in a debate manipulated by powerful energy interests.

Group Meets With Leaders to Plead for Change with Wal-Mart

by Peter Marcus Denver Daily News August 22, 2006 Over 200 people gathered with state and local leaders yesterday at the RTD Market Street station to encourage Wal-Mart to provide affordable health care, living wage and protect American jobs. The so-called 2006 Change Wal-Mart, Change America bus tour stopped in Denver as part of a national tour stopping in 19 states and 35 cities in 35 days.

David Sirota and Joel Barkin -- Live in Colorado

Progressive States co-chair David Sirota and executive director Joel Barkin are joining on their bus tour through Colorado tomorrow, Tuesday, August 22nd. To start the day, they'll be joining AM 760's Jay Marvin from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM Mountain Time. Listen on the radio or live at The show will be available as a podcast if you miss the broadcast.

CO: Leaving Children Uninsured Has Serious Consequences

Two Colorado pediatricians have authored a new study finding dire consequences as a result of the low insured status among our nation's children. The consequences are both borne by these children and by society as a whole.

Progressive Ballot Issues For Turnout and Framing

There are few more potent tools for impacting the outcomes of elections than changing what appears on the ballot. And there are no more direct paths from public outcry to passed legislation than through ballot issues. For years, the rightwing has been advancing policy goals, shaping message, and marshalling voters through ballot issues (we've already highlighted many of their current-year endeavors in this very newsletter). Progressives increasingly are fighting back using ballot issues -- which shouldn't be surprising, since initiatives and referedenda were originally a progressive reform.

Corruption in Colorado? Follow the Trailhead

Don't ask for Colorado Governor Bill Owens to fulfill the state's duties under open records laws. He'll get lawyers funded by private political committees to threaten you in response. Owens, named earlier this year as one of America's worst Governors, is being questioned about his connections to a 527 named the Trailhead Group.