Individual Health Care Mandates and the Problem of Affordability

Is an individual mandate to purchase health care insurance the solution to America's growing health insurance crisis? 

The Fight Against Global Warming: Another Way States Can Rein in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which shared this year's Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore, recently released a report detailing the negative environmental changes that will result from climate change, including higher temperatures leading to increased deaths from more severe heat waves, increased incidence of infectious diseases, and severe damage to ecosystems. The IPCC report warned that there were only eight years left to act to prevent the worst effects of global warming. 

Tired of Waiting, States Sue EPA to Allow Tougher Emission Rules

California's attorney general is planning to file suit in federal court against the EPA for stalling on a decision about whether California and 11 other states can implement rules requiring car makers to produce cleaner cars. Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Washington also plan to join the suit against the EPA. The suit was to be filed this week, but has been postponed due to the wildfires raging in Southern California.

California Legislative Roundup: Legislature's Gains Muted by Governor's Veto Pen

The breadth of issues addressed by the California Legislature was impressive as legislative leaders moved aggressively on the environment and clean energy, education, workplace family issues, and health care. However, because of the Governor's veto pen and the minority party's ability to block revenue bills with just one-third of the vote, the extent of the progress the Legislature made on these issues was far less than it could have been.

Will special session yield California health care reform?

Will special session yield California health care reform?

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Will special session yield California health care reform?

Governor Schwarzenegger has promised to veto a Democratic plan to bring the state closer to universal health care that was passed earlier this week prior to the legislature's adjournment. The veto, however, is not necessarily the end of reform this year.  Schwarzenegger has already called a special session to iron out differences between his health care reform priorities rolled out earlier this year and the Democratic legislation.

Obesity Rates Continue Their Steady Climb

A new report from The Trust for America's Health concerning America's worsening obesity epidemic has received lots of press coverage, and little of the report's news is positive. Even in the leanest state, Colorado, where 17.6% of residents are now considered obese, an increase of just under one percentage point, a majority of residents are either obese or overweight. America's unhealthy weight gain is not slowing.

Promoting Affordable Housing through State Policy

The effects of the sub-prime lending disaster are still being felt as the stock market has been rocked in recent weeks and many families find themselves locked out of the mortgage market.  As we highlighted in the past, the subprime mortgage market was largely aimed at economically-strapped families trying to find some way to afford homes.  For low-income renters who never had the money to even be in the game, rising rents have increasingly priced them out of their homes. 

Right-wing Ballot Scheme to Manipulate Presidential Votes in California

A new ballot measure in California would change the way that California's 55 presidential electoral votes would be allocated; not to make sure that every vote counted, but to make sure that any right-wing candidate for President could lop off a significant number of that state's electoral votes.