Lawmaker to tell of state success in White House health-care meeting

State Sen. Karen Keiser is headed to the Washington, D.C., for the second time in a little over a month. This time she is adding her voice to other state lawmakers calling for health care reform.

The Kent Democrat says she will is joining a group at the White House Wednesday for a meeting with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Keiser also is attending a related press event with Democratic U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa.

The state lawmakers want passage of health care reform by year's end, and they want a public-insurance option.

Washington Legislative Session Roundup

The $31.4 billion general operations budget approved by the legislature filleda $9 billion shortfall with federal stimulus money, one-time transfersand more than $4 billion in cuts to education, health and stateprograms.  The budget includes many cuts to health care and educationand slashes $1028 billion from state employee salaries, healthbenefits, and other compensation, resulting in 7,000 to 8,000 lostgovernment and public school jobs.

Colorado and Indiana Legislatures Pass Internet Voter Registration Bills

In the final week of their legislative sessions, the Colorado and Indiana legislatures gave final approval to bills allowing residents to register to vote online.  Colorado Senators passed HB 1160 and Indiana House Members passed HB 1346; both bills allow residents with driver's licenses or state-issued ID cards to register to vote online.  The legislation has been sent to the governor in both states.  In Colorado the governor is expected to sign the bill, while Indiana's governor has not indicated support or opposition.

Washington State Legislature Passes Legislation Aimed at Increasing both Access and Adoption of Broadband

With the passage of  HB 1701 the Washington State legislature once again demonstrated its understandingthat when combating the digital divide states must not just addressaccess issues, but must also focus on dealing with the barriers to broadband adoption by individuals.

National Popular Vote Signed into Law in Washington

Washington has become the fifth state to pass the national popular vote (NPV) when Gov. Gregoire signed the legislation on Tuesday.

Progressive States Network lauds Gov. Gregoire and WA legislators for supporting national popular vote

OLYMPIA - With Gov. Gregoire's signature, Washington State today became the fifth state in the nation to enact theNational Popular Vote bill, joining Maryland, New Jersey, Hawaii andIllinois. The state's 11 electoral votes combine with 50 from the otherfour states to bring the total number of electoral votes to 61 — 22% ofthe 270 needed to implement a National Popular Vote. In addition totoday's victory, legislative chambers in Arkansas, Colorado, NewMexico, Oregon and Vermont have passed popular vote legislation so farthis year.

Washington State Legislature and Nevada Assembly Pass National Popular Vote

Following votes in the Washington House and Senate, National Popular Vote now goes to the Governor Chris Gregoire.  The Nevada Assembly on April 21st became the 27th state legislative chamber overall to approve NPV.

Washington State Health Care Campaign Highlights Continuing State Action on Reform

This week, the Washington State Senate's health committee approved a bill to achieve health-care-for-all by 2012.  Sponsored by committee Chair Sen. Karen KeiserSB 5945 as amended combines immediate steps to expand access to coverage and cut administrative costs with a planning process to refine proposals for comprehensive reform by 2012.  This action came as the Seattle City Council and Seattle Post-Intelligencer endorsed national single-payer health care, emphasizing the continuing efforts in states to move forward health care reform.