South Carolina

Ohio: ALEC Says, "It Wasn't Me!"

The Cleveland Free Times takes a long, hard look at the American Legislative Exchange Council's (ALEC) operating methods in Ohio. As usual, it ain't pretty. The right-wing, corporate-funded network of state legislators is exposed quite thoroughly.

New Latino Voters May Change Political Map

"Today we march, tomorrow we vote!" - the chant at the recent immigration rights rallies -- may translate into a changed electoral landscape in many states across the country.

Rethinking the Ways We Vote

The 2000 election sparked an interest in electoral reform. Paired with a rising tendency among voters toward self-declared independence from the two major parties and a new wave of reforms have started growing in popularity across the country. In statehouses and in voting booths, reforms are moving forward to give Americans more real options at the polls.

SC: Dumbing down Juries

Or if a tree falls in a forest and a jury isn't told, does the tree legally exist? More or less, this is the issue before the US Supreme Court in a case deciding whether state law can require judges to hide evidence from juries. In South Carolina, state law generally prohibits defense lawyers from presenting evidence that someone other than the accused committed the crime in question.