Cuts and Breaks, but Few New Jobs

Big tax breaks to the welathy in MBR, with little job growth; unemployment rate falls as workers leave the labor force; the Supreme Court gives predatory payday lenders a pass on triple digit interest rates; but severance taxes to cover public costs of fracking are “puny;” and Director Amy Hanauer to rally the City Club of Cleveland on making our Ohio economy work…for all of us.

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Ohio’s tax cuts favor the affluent, do not create jobs

Ohio’s new tax cuts favor the wealthy,  families and neighborhoods pay.  Abandoned houses dot the landscape, community efforts to get quality pre-K off the ground need a boost, and shocking infant mortality rates go unchecked, while jobs growth languishes.

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Equity & Adequacy Of School Funding

News Release from The Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy Of School Funding News release— contact William L. Phillis, 614-228-6540 Columbus, OH…The revelation that some of the board members of Horizon Science Academy and Noble Academy charter schools are not U.S. citizens is shocking to the members of the Steering Committee of the Ohio Coalition for Equity […]

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Progress Ohio on WOUC (PBS) – Zanesville, OH

Progress Ohio on WOUC (PBS) – Zanesville, OH 07/06/2014 16:42:38 The State of Ohio (News) … issue of standing — ruling against thompson, who argued for the liberal group progress ohio in the jobsohio case. the court decided that progress ohio and two democratic lawmakers did not have standing …
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Ohio taxpayers provide jobs to Turkish immigrants through charter schools

A chain of 19 publicly funded Ohio charter schools, founded by Turkish immigrants, is taking the position that the United States lacks a qualified pool of math and science teachers and is importing perhaps hundreds of Turks to fill the void. The schools are run almost exclusively by persons of Turkish heritage, some of whom […]

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State Legislators & Partners in Action: Here’s What Happened!

The 2014 National Week of Action for Real Prosperity took place the second week of April and it was a huge success! Spearheaded by PSN’s Economic Security Working Group, the Week of Action engaged over 50 legislators in 20 states

Sneak Attacks on Women's Health Stir a Movement Across State Lines

The last few years have seen a wave of proposed and enacted restrictions on abortion rights. 2013 began no differently, with the first three months of the new year seeing legislators in 14 states introduce bans, including 10 proposals that would ban nearly all abortions. But recently, from Texas to Ohio to North Carolina, the pace and intensity of these attacks has picked up even more, drawing local protests, national attention, and displays of solidarity from state lawmakers across the country.

Budget Debates Heat Up as Sessions Wind Down

As of this week, more than half of the fifty states had already seen their 2013 legislative sessions adjourn. In many of those that are still going, budget debates are front and center as lawmakers race to the finish line. In some states, issues that had previously been pushed to the backburner are back on the front one, in others, major provisions are being inserted into the budget at the midnight hour, and everywhere, final showdowns are shaping up as sessions wind down.

Budget Politics Shift as Federal Deficit Recedes, State Surpluses Appear

This week saw the case for budget austerity at both the state and federal levels continue to rapidly fall apart. A new Congressional Budget Office report showed that the federal budget deficit problem may not actually be that much of a problem anymore, and debates over what to do with budget surpluses began to percolate in the states as treasuries started to count tax revenues that came in last month, even as the pain from sequestration cuts also continued to be felt in all fifty states:

Conservatives vs. Conservatives on Medicaid

With more and more sessions drawing to a close, the latest count shows 15 states that have rejected expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, 20 that have agreed to comply with the law and expand coverage, and the rest still debating expansion. In many states -- including Florida and Ohio -- that debate is playing out in a contentious intramural fight among conservatives themselves. Conservative governors supporting expansion are running into opposition from ideologically opposed lawmakers in their own party, as the political debate over Medicaid increasingly appears to be taking place entirely on one side of the aisle: