New Mexico

New Latino Voters May Change Political Map

"Today we march, tomorrow we vote!" - the chant at the recent immigration rights rallies -- may translate into a changed electoral landscape in many states across the country.

NM: Albuquerque Leaders Reach Deal on Minimum Wage

Albuquerque's City Council President Martin Heinrich has reached a deal with the Mayor to increase Albuquerque's minimum wage to $7.50 an hour by 2009. While the final ordinance is not yet worked out, it may provide a $1.00 an hour allowance to employers who provide $2,500 per year in health care or child care benefits. The move comes after New Mexico's Senate killed minimum wage legislation earlier this year. Santa Fe already has a higher minimum wage.

Smart Growth to Protect Rural America

After winning the Governor's seat in New Jersey, Jon Corzine decided to keep a Republican in the position of Agriculture Secretary. It was a good move. Charlie Kuperus has held the position in 2002 and has won broad support from both parties for his support of a number of measures in support of rural New Jersey.