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Voter Suppression Update

A couple of weeks ago, we outlined the rash of voter suppression activities cropping up, like clockwork, around the nation. This week we cover the new suppression efforts that have come to light since.

Mental Health Parity included in Bailout Plan; Stronger State Laws Remain in Effect

The new federal mental health parity law, passed as part of the recent $700 billion financial bailout package, is a real piece of help for families around the country. Even better, the law will not preempt stronger state parity legislation. The law will help states achieve their parity goals because it applies to self-insured health plans which are not subject to state regulation.

Brennan Center Report Uncovers a Wild West of Voter Purges in a Dozen States

Voter purges, which became infamous in Florida in the 2000 election, seem to have become a consistent problem since then based on anecdotal evidence.  But few have looked across states to see how routine purges to “clean” the voter rolls of ineligible voters are actually carried out when they don’t make headlines.  The Brennan Center for Justice has investigated and what they report is troubling.  Their findings point to the critical need for vastly greater oversight, accountability and consistence in e

Addressing the Shortage of Primary Care Physicians

According to The Boston Globe, a national shortage of primary care doctors is hitting Massachusetts especially hard.  The state's 2006 health insurance mandate has resulted in an additional 439,000 newly insured residents trying to seek care from an already over-stressed medical profession.  According to an annual survey by the Massachusetts Medical Society, wait times for new patients to see primary care doctors are running an average of 50 days, though some doctors report delays up to 100 days.

Carbon Auctions for Polluters to Start in Northeast Region

The good news is that next week, ten Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states will begin holding first-in-the-nation auctions of greenhouse gas allowances, an initiative aimed at capping the pollution causing global climate change.

Immigration not enforced, experts say; Report reveals a few states pass tough legislation

A handful of conservative states with a recent influx of immigrantshave drawn national attention for passing "punitive" immigration laws,but the reality is most state legislatures are quietly welcomingnewcomers, according to a new report released Thursday.

Policy Options for 2009

Below you will find copies of all of PSN's Policy Options reports for the 2009 legislative session, starting with "Building a Progressive Majority," our broad multi-issue overview of policies that can help build a winning progressive strategic agenda in 2009.