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Obama May Quickly Reverse Bush Attacks on State Policy Authority

Progressive States Network has regularly detailed the mounting attacks on and preemption of state policy by the federal government in recent years.  The incoming Obama administration is signalling that many of the Bush-era regulations restricting states may be reversed.

Ending the 'Voter Fraud' Debate

If you've been following the presidential campaign the last few weeks, you've probably caught a glimpse of John McCain going on one of his well-rehearsed rants about the community organizing group ACORN and how its voter registration campaigns may amount to "one of the greatest frauds in voter history in this country."

Rising Unemployment Highlights Need for Federal Expansion of Unemployment Insurance Funds

While the financial crisis has received more of the headlines, there has been a growing unemployment crisis over the last year.  With unemployment at a five-year high, nearly 10 million Americans were officially unemployed last month, with nearly 500,000 workers applying for benefits each week.  And the problem doesn't stop there, with long-term joblessness rising:

Eye on the Right: Anti-Immigrant Groups and White Supremacists Flounder, Attempt to Rebrand for Wider Appeal

The anti-immigrant "movement" has been flailing recently.  With donor fraud and embezzlement fueling the splintering of the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, and dysfunction and check-bouncing at their previous partner organization, the Minutemen Project, anti-immigrant organizations are seeing dissent and confusion rule their ranks.

Feds Approve Broadband Data Improvement Act

Congress has passed — and President Bush has signed — the Broadband Data Improvement Act.  The Act, which had been pushed by Senate Committee Chairman Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) and supported by a coalition of organizations, such as the Communications Workers of America,has as its explicit purpose "to improve the quality of Federal and State data regarding the availability and quality of broadband servicesand to promote the deployment of affordable broadband services to allparts of the Nation."