SB1070 Copycats

Easing the Financial Burden on the Unemployed: States and the Federal Government Taking Action

Secret Deportation Quotas, Program Failures and High Budget Costs from Local Immigration Enforcement Revealed in Recent Reports

Recent reports have raised serious concerns about program failures, secret deportation quotas and the high costs of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)'s controversial 287(g) program, which trains and authorizes state and local police departments to enforce federal immigration law. 

State Leaders Weigh in on Final Health Care Reform Bill

Clean and Fair Elections Update: New Election Laws of Note

Washington became the fifth state to pass the national popular vote (NPV) compact when Gov. Gregoire signed the legislation on May 6th. 61 electoral votes, 23% of the 270 needed to achieve a national popular vote are now committed to the compact. Washington joins Maryland, New Jersey, Hawaii, and Illinois as members of the compact. This is the first state to pass NPV into law in 2009.

Legislative Session Roundups: Washington, Alaska, Georgia & Montana

As legislative sessions come to a close, PSN highlights positive gains, legislative defeats, and unfinished business. This Dispatch will feature state legislative session roundups for Washington, Alaska, Georgia, and Montana.

Buy American and Fair Trade Policies to Spur National and Global Economic Recovery

As this Dispatch will outline, Buy American policies are a first step in promoting an alternative to the trade and deregulation policies that fueled the current economic crisis. Ultimately, we need policies that strengthen local tools for economic growth at home, combined with fair trade policies to raise wage standards abroad as well. Also, as corporate interests increasingly use trade agreements to restrict state authority to protect worker, consumer and environmental interests, states are increasingly reviewing those trade agreements in order to restore states' ability to effectively respond to economic crises and protect the long-term interests of working families.

Privatization Update: Schools, Prisons, Mental Health -- and What States are Doing to Hold Contractors Accountable

Given the central role of private contractors in delivering public services, this Dispatch continues our series of Privatization Updates.  Today we focus on current privatization debates in the education, prison and mental health sectors -- and what states are doing to increase accountability for contractors.

PSN Profiles: A Video Series

PSN Profiles is a series of video interviews with key members of our network from across the country. Through the PSN Profiles series, we hope to put a face on the multitude of state leaders who work tirelessly -- often with little reward or recognition on the national stage -- to lay the groundwork for a lasting American progressive majority.

Each profile consists of of a 5-10 minute interviews with one of our key legislative allies, partner advocates, and board members.  The interviews range in topic from personal anecdotes to specific policy proposals and strategic thinking.  We hope they will give viewers a more detailed view of the vibrant and diverse community that is hard at work building the nation's "fifty progressive movements."

Why States Need to be a Focus for Any Economic Recovery Plan

Privatization Update: Recent News from across the Country