Restricting Privatization

Toll Road Giants Buy Media Critics

So you are a multi-national firm trying to get approval for a private toll road, facing media critics throughout a state. What do you do? If you are Australian toll road company Macquarie trying to build a chunk of the controversial Trans-Texas Corridor, you buy forty local newspapers:
Many of the small papers purchased, most have a circulation of 5000 or less, have been critical of the Trans-Texas Corridor.

State legislators urged to pass resolutions against escalation by grassroots coalition

by Christian Avard Published Thursday, January 18, 2006 Read the Whole Article
A coalition of grassroots organizations is kicking off a new campaign to encourage state legislators to introduce and pass resolutions preventing President Bush’s escalation of the war in Iraq, RAW STORY has learned. One leading Democratic senator believes that, more than symbolic, such legislative actions could have a major impact, as long as they act now. The Progressiv

State Officials Admit Privatization Failed in Texas

Last fall, we highlighted how corrupt privatization of social services management in Texas had handed Accenture a billion dollars in revenue, even as the company's incompetence led to many families being unjustifiably denied public services.

IN: New Resistance to Privatizing Social Services

With a change in party control of Indiana's legislature, one shift may be new resistance to Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniel's pell-mell movement to privatize all public services.

Progressives Must Turn Their Attention to the States

Originally Published in The Washington Spectator
December 1, 2006

Progressives across the nation hoping that their day has finally arrived will have some sobering up to do. Democrats have re-established a balance of power in Washington, but their majority control is slim. More importantly, the 2008 presidential race has already begun, and the Democratic leadership will be tempted to avoid bold strokes and bide their time in hopes of regaining the White House.

Health Care Research, Minimum Wage and Employment, Low-Income Spending, and Voting Glitches

Before you take "expert advice" on health care reform that mysteriously seems to enrich companies like the pharmaceutical industry, check out a new study to be published in the New England Journal of Medicine which finds that one-third of review-board members who monitor patient studies in US hospitals take money from the companies whose products are being tested.

Building a Progressive Majority in the States: Policy Options for 2007

This November, we saw voters taking the first steps to repudiate the rightwing ideology and institutions that have long dominated much of the political landscape in our states. For too long, we have seen rightwing politicians, backed by corporate money and by conservative think tanks, blocking communities from improving wages, impeding expansion of health care, and auctioning off public assets and public contracts to big monied interests.

But now we can build on these progressive victories to build towards a progressive majority in all our states. On issue after issue of concern to working families, there are solid majorities for enacting progressive policies. What we need is a coordinated strategy across states to highlight those issues that can broaden the coalition of progressive voters and reframe the debate across the nation about why it matters to working families that progressives hold office in our statehouses.

A Good Day for Progressives

Tuesday's election saw a nationwide repudiation of the rightwing agenda-- and the emergence of new progressive leaders and ideas across the country, from Congress down to the statehouses. Change in control of the US House and Senate is dominating the headlines, but sweeping change is also coming to our statehouses due to the election.

Outrages of the Week

  1. AZ: State Legislator Forwards Racist Email, Calls for Reinstating "Operation Wetback"