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New Ways of Thinking on Election Reform

Portland Oregonian By David Sirota May 16, 2007 "Ah, beer," says Homer Simpson. "The source of, and the solution to, all of life's problems." The same kind of thing can be said of politics: There's no limit to what can be blamed on it, or on what we might achieve through it.

Sebelius, White House trade jabs over Guard

The Wichita Eagle By Dion Lefler May 8, 2007 Tuesday WICHITA, Kan. - A day before a scheduled presidential visit to tornado-ravaged Greensburg, the White House fired back at Gov. Kathleen Sebelius Tuesday for her complaints that the Kansas National Guard is underequipped for dealing with disaster because of the amount of its equipment tied up in the Iraq war. Kansas Sen.

The sensible vote is for 'same-day' registration

Raleigh News & Observer By Lynice Williams and J. Mijin Cha May 3, 2007 You can pay your credit card bill online the day that it is due. You can book last-minute travel for holidays. You can even file your taxes up until April 15th. But, in North Carolina, you cannot vote unless you register almost one month before Election Day. Something is fundamentally wrong in our democracy when people who want to vote but miss an arbitrary deadline are shutout of our democratic process. Our voter turnout rate is among the lowest in the nation.

Press Conference With US Senate Leaders & State Legislators

Federal News Service April 19, 2007 Thursday PRESS CONFERENCE WITH SENATE MAJORITY LEADER HARRY REID (D-NV); SENATOR EDWARD KENNEDY (D-MA); AND SENATOR SHERROD BROWN (D-OH); SUBJECT: THE IRAQ WAR; LOCATION: 188 RUSSELL SENATE OFFICE BUILDING, WASHINGTON, D.C. SEN. REID: Thank you all very much for being here, especially these wonderful state legislators. I served in the state legislature for two years. It's a wonderful experience. I was in the assembly for two years, and then four years I was president of the senate as lieutenant governor. Wonderful memories.

CQ: Baucus & Fast Track

CQ's CongressDaily By Martin Vaughan February 28, 2007 "Meanwhile, business and labor sources were struck by the disparaging tone taken by Baucus at a hearing with Schwab this month. "Right now, Congress has no leverage except to say no," Baucus grumbled at the Feb. 15 hearing. A long-time supporter of opening markets, Baucus has continued to stress his hope that trade negotiating authority will be renewed. But he has also laid down a host of conditions.

Baucus under pressure to reject fast track

The Hill By Ian Swanson February 28, 2007 Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) is being put under pressure from Democrats in his state to reject an extension of fast-track trade authority, which expires this summer. The Montana state Senate, controlled by Democrats, this week approved a resolution asking Congress to create a replacement for fast track in which trade deals could be considered only in up-or-down votes. Baucus has been open to granting the Bush administration

A taxing problem put before Rep. Boyd

Funding disparity Jobs and fairness Intelligencer Journal - Lancaster, PA By Jeff Hawkes February 27, 2007 State Rep.

States begin criticizing Iraq policy, too

By Cristian Lupsa Christian Science Monitor February 22, 2007 The Vermont legislature wants Congress to bring American troops home from Iraq. The Iowa Senate is on record against President Bush's plan to send more troops into combat there. Democratic legislators in Maine sent a letter to their congressional delegation asking them to vote against any kind of escalation of the war.

New York Times: Democrats in State Capitols Push Antiwar Resolutions

Frustrated by the inability of Democrats in Congress to pass a resolution opposing President Bush's policies in Iraq, state legislators across the country, led by Democrats and under pressure from liberal advocacy groups, are pushing forward with their own resolutions. Resolutions have passed in chambers of three legislatures, in California, Iowa and Vermont.