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Minnesota Governor Pawlenty Vetoes Bill to Help Stop Foreclosures

Minnesota Governor Pawlenty Vetoes Bill to Help Stop Foreclosures

Virginia Senate Passes Foreclosure Moratorium Bill

The Virginia Senate took a big step this week and unanimously approved moratorium on foreclosures for homeowner with high risk mortgages. The bill,  SB 797, introduced at the request of Governor Tim Kaine, provides a one month moratorium on all high-risk mortgage foreclosures. The measure is much needed relief for a state that has foreclosure rate increases of more than 750% in some areas.

State needs to halt home foreclosures

published December 31, 2007
With the 2008 legislative session and his January State of the State speech approaching, Gov.

Promoting Affordable Housing through State Policy

The effects of the sub-prime lending disaster are still being felt as the stock market has been rocked in recent weeks and many families find themselves locked out of the mortgage market.  As we highlighted in the past, the subprime mortgage market was largely aimed at economically-strapped families trying to find some way to afford homes.  For low-income renters who never had the money to even be in the game, rising rents have increasingly priced them out of their homes.