Tax and Budget Reform

NY: Cities forced to wait on state aid

The Democrat and Chronicle:

As many large cities in New York finish their fiscal year at month's end, they are awaiting a big payment from the state to close out their books.

NY: Paterson calls for end to budget process by June 28

The Albany Times Union:

Another day, another act of budget brinkmanship.

VA: Stimulus has meant $3 billion in direct aid for Va.

The Richard Times-Dispatch:

President Barack Obama's program to jump-start the economy with a flood of federal spending has put more than $3 billion into the pockets of Virginians who need it -- the working poor, unemployed and seniors, according to a liberal think tank.

NC: Senate would scrap tax penalty

The News Observer:

The state Senate and the business lobby want to take away a big stick that the state's tax collector says it needs to punish big businesses that dodge their taxes.


NY: Paterson Splits With No. 2 on Budget

The New York Times:

Nearly a year ago, Gov. David A. Paterson went to court to fight for his appointment of Richard Ravitch as lieutenant governor, a man whose acumen and experience the governor said could help the state weather its financial challenges. 

NY: Survey: Tax rich to save schools

The Albany Times Union:

Message to incumbents: Raising taxes could be good for your political health. That's right, good, at least if it's a tax hike for the wealthiest of New Yorkers.