Clean and Fair Elections

Voter Registration Modernization a Progressive Alternative to Right-Wing Voter ID Laws

The current crusade against “voter fraud” in the states is just a thinly-veiled right-wing excuse to suppress the votes of low-income, elderly, and minority constituencies. Voter registration modernization would prevent actual fraud more effectively than Voter ID bills, and would also boost the percentage of registrations coming from these historically disenfranchised communities.

Moving Forward: Increasing Turnout as the Progressive Response to Voter Suppression

As newly-elected Republican officials - like incoming Secretaries of State in Kansas and Iowa - prepare to follow through on their promises to enact photo ID requirements, and as other legislatures prepare for debate on burdensome voter photo ID requirements, it is more important than ever to push progressive election reforms that will increase turnout to counterbalance the effects of such harmful legislation. 

Anonymous Donors Underwrite Campaign Against Democracy

In Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission (FEC), the Supreme Court ruled that corporations and unions enjoy the same First Amendment rights as individuals, giving them the green light to flood elections with independent political spending. Though most prominent, publicly-traded companies have stayed out of the fray, a surprising number of 501(c)-designated organizations have quickly surfaced to take advantage of the ruling and the Court’s new attitude toward money in politics.