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Outrages of the Week: Hypocrites and Racists in the Statehouse?

  1. AZ: Lying Former Legislator Claims System He Opted-Into, Cheated is Now Unconstitutional

Stop Governor Fletcher's Political Censorship in Kentucky

As you've probably already heard, Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher is using hamhanded tactics to censor his political opponents. His disgraceful approach is already resulting in lawsuits and public outcry. Thankfully, we've got a solution. Read more about what is happening in Kentucky and the bill draft moving forward with Progressive States' support.

Stop Governor Fletcher's Political Censorship in Kentucky

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Stop Governor Fletcher's Political Censorship in Kentucky Censorship just may be the last refuge of corrupt government officials.

KY: Progressive Blogger Goes to Court Over Censorship

Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher picked the wrong blogger to fight with. host Mark Nickolas has filed a federal lawsuit against Fletcher and other state officials for arbitrarily censoring blogs following criticism of Fletcher and his administration's deeply held commitment to corruption.

Outrages of the Week: 7/7/06

  1. FL: $1.4 Million - The Bush Family Poverty Line

Outrages of the Week

  1. GA: Shortly After Scaring Immigrants with Rabid Xenophobic Bill, State Colleges Secure Funding to Recruit Hispanics

Poll: Overwhelming Support for Publicly Financed Elections

A new national poll finds overwhelming support (74%) for public financing of elections, the result no doubt of soaring campaign costs, lobbyist scandals and the desire for fairer, cleaner elections. The result is bipartisan with eighty percent of Democrats, 78% of Independents, and 65% of Republicans support this reform. What's important to emphasize is why voters said things would improve with public financing of elections.

CA: Keeping the Retirement System Honest

California's teacher retirement fund is considering a number of potential moves to prevent the appearance of impropriety through increased disclosure, recusal, or prohibition of donations from those who work with the fund.
Moving to beef up ethics standards, trustees of the California State Teachers' Retirement System will consider tightening rules governing campaign contributions, including a ban on donations from money managers doing business with the giant fund. Trustees also agreed Thursday

Congress Preemping State Power

A new Congressional report by minority staff in the House found that the House and the Senate have voted 57 times in the last five years to preempt state laws and regulations. Votes have included:
  • Passing legislation that would preempt states from regulating sources of air pollution
  • Votes to stop states from setting health insurance standards
  • Preempting states standards on contaminated food
  • Blocking tougher states laws against Internet "spam" And the list goes on.
  • CA: National Popular Vote Advances

    In states across the country, a simple idea is building momentum. Rather than amending the Constitution to guarantee that the winner of the national popular vote wins the Presidency, why not simply amend state law? The gist is this: states enter into an agreement.