Increasing Democracy

Recentering America

David Sirota, PLAN's Co-Chair, turns a friendly eye toward fusion voting today in his column in the San Francisco Chronicle.

AZ: Tax Revolt Worries Business Groups

Some riled up Arizonans are working on property tax cap that appears to go even further than California's notorious Proposition 13.

Giving Shareholders a Say Over Political Contributions

Unions members have an established right to get a refund on the portion of their union dues devoted to politics.

IN: How Privatization Undermines Democracy

Indiana legislators are proposing to privatize a major highway and give a Spanish-Australian partnership a seventy-five year monopoly on collecting tolls on the road. On one level, the deal just sounds plain financially irresponsible. The state gets $3.85 billion up front, but the partnership is projected to recoup that price in 17 years, then make an additional $21 billion in profits off tolls over the rest of the contract.


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