Federal Funding for State Innovation

Addressing Health Inequality with the Economic Recovery Package

Stimulus funding, like $2.1 billion for Head Start and Early Head Start Programs, $1.5 billion for health center improvements, and $8.4 billion for public transit, should be implemented with a clear intent of reducing racial and ethnic health disparities and achieving equitable resource distribution across communities. 

Recovery Plan Resources Update

The following are additional resources that expand the ongoing resources listed in PSN's Resource Guide for Implementing the Recovery Plan, including new resources on education, health care, clean energy and transportion, broadband, unemployment and training, expanding the safety net, and criminal justice.

Accounting for jobs in the stimulus cash

In order to comply with new transparency requirements under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, state governments across the country are scrambling to report to the public how they spend recovery dollars. Unfortunately, no existing state government Web sites that are accounting for the recovery funds report the number of jobs created by private contractors. Without such data, the sites are close to meaningless.

Fortunately, Oregon is leading an effort to require contractors to report the number of jobs they create, as well as the hours worked and wages received by their employees. These proposed requirements would ensure Oregonians' tax money actually goes toward creating quality jobs.