Create Incentives for Better Quality Care

Health Care for All: Policy Options for 2009

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Creating new incentives for quality care and improving the management of diseases are key policy goals towards reducing the growth of health care costs and making sure Americans get the right care at the right time. Efforts include managing chronic disease, paying for performance, ending reimbursement for avoidable hospital errors, reducing hospital-based infections, electronic medical records, and promoting best practices.

Health-Care-for-All On the Installment Plan

Incremental steps to improve the health care system can lay the foundation for comprehensive reform that provides health care for all. Comprehensive reforms enacted in Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine and San Francisco were, in large part, the result of pragmatic incremental steps those states had already taken. For example, a Families USA report discusses the many reforms Massachusetts put in place over the years that led to its comprehensive 2006 reform. Not every state is as far along in moving comprehensive health care reform, but each state does have numerous options for increasing access to coverage, reducing the growth of health care costs, and improving the quality of care.