Internet Registration

Progressive States Action Testimony for California's SB 397 (Online Voter Registration)

PSA submitted testimony in May 2011 supporting CA's SB 397, which would allow counties to implement an online registration system. 

Project Vote's Model Online Registration Bill

This model bill from Project Vote allows all citizens, regardless of whether they have a government ID, to access an online registration portal in order to register to vote or update their information.

Modernizing Voter Registration: Momentum in the States

This Brennan Center report looks at the various ways in which states began to move toward a system in which voters are automatically and permanently added to the rolls, with fail-safes in case of government mistakes.

Voter Registration in a Digital Age

Based on documentary research and interviews with election officials in fifteen states, this report explains how paperless voter registration works, reviews its development, and assesses its impact.

Voting System Scorecard: Are states serving the rising electorate?

This detailed 50-state scorecard from Rock The Vote ranks evaluated state voting laws with an on a 21-point scale that aims to assess how well states are serving young voters in three categories: voter registration, ease of casting a ballot, and encouraging young voter participation.