National Popular Vote

Michigan House passes national popular vote legislation in the wake of Big Three bailout snub


Lansing, MI - Last Thursday, in a 65-36 vote, the Michigan House of Representatives passed HB 6010, a bill that would enter the state into an interstate compact to de facto abolish the Electoral College by ensuring that the winner of the national popular vote becomes president.

The vote, which came on the same day the US Senate voted against a proposed bailout of the Detroit-based auto industry, highlighted a growing rift between the national GOP leadership, which rallied opposition to the bailout, and Republican legislators in Michigan.

Electoral College Killed Auto Industry Aid Bill - And Michigan House Approves NPV Bill to Kill Electoral College

When the U.S. Senate killed the auto industry rescue bill last week, some conservative commentators saw it as payback for Michigan voting the wrong way in the November election.  William D. Zeranski at the popular rightwing American Thinker site argued, "We know which way those 17 Electoral College votes will go.  So, how does helping bailout the Big Three help the GOP?" 

Local Michigan Republican leaders themselves began worrying that national party leaders would begin ignoring state concerns after McCain lost the Great Lakes states.   As Republican pollster Steve Lombardo said after the election, "It's a matter of worry...It may be that Republicans begin to write off Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota."  Of course, the writing off of all Michigan voters only makes sense politically because of the Electoral College.