National Popular Vote

Washington State Legislature and Nevada Assembly Pass National Popular Vote

Following votes in the Washington House and Senate, National Popular Vote now goes to the Governor Chris Gregoire.  The Nevada Assembly on April 21st became the 27th state legislative chamber overall to approve NPV.

National Popular Vote Advancing Across the States

Our presidential election system - where a handful of states determine the winner and the candidate with the most support does not always win - is perhaps the most widely recognized symbol these days of how far we still remain from a free and equal democracy in which all voters have their voices equally heard. Fixing our dysfunctional Electoral College system by enacting an agreement among the states to implement a national popular vote (NPV) is a key priority for PSN and other progressive groups across the nation. In today's Dispatch we outline recent developments in the movement for a national popular vote, as well as the key reasons that NPV remains a crucial reform for progressives, for states, and for the nation as a whole.

New Mexico House Approves National Popular Vote - 23rd Legislative Chamber to Support NPV

Last Friday, the New Mexico House of Representatives approved the National Popular Vote bill by a vote of 42-27, becoming the 23rd legislative chamber in the country to support adopting a system where the candidate winning the most votes for President nationally would win the election.  The vote in the House reflected polls in the state showing 76% support for moving to national popular vote.