Election Reform

John Kerry Jumps on Vote-by-Mail Bandwagon

Jonathan Singer, an Oregon-based front page writer for MyDD, catches John Kerry extolling the virtues of Oregon's vote-by-mail ballot system. That system, which we've praised ourselves, has actually saved money in Oregon while increasing turnout, especially in historically low turnout local elections. The system works so well for a few reasons. First, it creates a documentable paper trail of every ballot. Second, the arrival of the ballot serves as a simple Get Out The Vote (GOTV) reminder.

Bypassing D.C.: National Popular Vote

National Popular Vote has an old idea with a new spin. Ever since the 2000 election, an active conversation has taken place regarding whether the country should move away from the electoral college in favor of electing the President by the national popular vote. NPV has an idea for how to do that without the messiness of a Constutional Amendment. The federal government is often locked in partisan battles and has shown no serious interest in the idea of reforming elections.

WA: Conservatives Dislike Election Results, Call For Purging All Voters

Conservatives in Washington, claiming that the voter database can only be clean if started anew, are leading the charge to force all registered voters to reregister in order to vote. It could probably also be called the "Make County Clerks Cry Act." Whatever you call it, it's a bit of a crazy idea. As assistant secretary of state Steve Excell says:
"Just because we don't happen to think that every voter record is perfect we can't wholesale disenfranchise everybody," he said.