Community Policing and Response to Secure Communities

Moving Forward: Elections Underscore Need for Progressive State Immigration Policies

Last week's midterm elections herald the possibility of a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment sweeping many statehouses, and underscore the need for common-sense, progressive state immigration policy that expands opportunity for all residents, immigrant and native-born alike, and welcomes immigrant contributions to state and local economies and communities.

As Deportations Soar, States and Municipalities Find they Are Locked into Controversial Federal Immigration Enforcement Program

Federal immigration officials recently reported that they deported a record 392,892 immigrants over the last year - a figure significantly higher than during the last year of President George W. Bush's term and the second straight year the nation has experienced an increase in deportations. Only half of those deported - 195,772 - were convicted of crimes, meaning roughly half of those who were deported committed no crime at all.

As Deportations Soar, States Locked Into Controversial Immigration Program

California Progressives Score Key Transparency Victory

All-Mail Voting Is One Winner of Colorado's Primary

Rejecting Arizona: States Say No to Anti-Immigrant Bills

Policies that seek to exclude, segregate, and stigmatize foreign-born residents might be politically helpful to a small group of extremists, but they are also an assault on America’s values as a nation of immigrants committed to "liberty and justice for all." Thankfully, as the Arizona approach fails in state after state, we are seeing that elected officials and voters across the nation already recognize this fact.

Published Date: 
Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anti-immigrant Proposals Continue to Fail in Wake of Arizona’s Law

Immigration-Related Bills to Move in 2011 State Legislative Sessions

Progressive States Network’s immigration-related work falls into a few key categories including: Wage Enforcement and Workers's Rights, Immigrant Integration, Community Policing, and Support Women and Minority Entrepreneurs as Potential Engines of Economic Growth and Job Creation.

Rejecting SB1070, States Advance Progressive Immigration Policy

This week, as the White House announced plans for yet another push on federal comprehensive immigration reform, a network of lawmakers so far representing 28 states — from border states to the heartland — announced their rejection of Arizona’s mean-spirited and economically disastrous approach to immigrants, SB1070.

Release: State Legislators Unite, Show Progressive Way Forward on Immigration

At a press briefing co-hosted by Progressive States Network and the National Immigration Law Center, members of State Legislators for Progressive Immigration Policy (SLPIP) -- a dynamic and rapidly growing group of 54 legislators representing 28 states -- unveiled legislation they are advancing in their states to promote the effective integration of immigrants as critical members of communities and state economies