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Building a Progressive Majority: Policy Options for 2008

Monday, August 6, 2007

Building a Progressive Majority: Policy Options for 2008

Building a Progressive Majority: Policy Options for 2008

Last November, we saw voters taking the first steps to repudiate the right-wing ideology and institutions that have long dominated much of the political landscape in our states. For too long, we have seen right-wing politicians, backed by corporate money and by conservative think tanks, blocking communities from improving wages, impeding expansion of health care, and auctioning off public assets and public contracts to big monied interests.

Raising Revenue Through Fair Tax Systems

As states look to expand education funding and provide health care for their citizens-- along with paying for other social needs-- the hardest challenge is figuring out what taxes need to be raised to accomplish this.

State of Health Care Reform, Tax Subsidies

A new "State of the States" report by State Coverage Initiatives, a program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation surveys recent state efforts to expand health insurance coverage. Rising hopes bode well for additional reforms in other states, but the report cautions that because of variations in each state, particular reforms are not always easily replicable in other states.

National Popular Vote Moves Forward

Thursday, January 18, 2007

In Today's Dispatch:

Raising Wages for Low-Wage Workers, High-Tech Immigration, and Googling Tax Subsidies

Some opponents of the minimum wage argue that Earned Income Tax Credit is a complete substitute. However, as a new Urban Institute report emphasizes, "raising the EITC enough to offset the loss in purchasing power of the minimum wage could prove costly," and the EITC system would have to be expanded to a far larger portion of working families to make up for the lost value of the minimum wage.