What Progressives Face & the Opportunity

As we documented in our report, Governing the Nation from the Statehouses, the rightwing has used state governments to advance their agenda.  For nearly forty years, the rightwing American Legislative Exchange Council and associated organizations has networked conservative state legislators across the fifty states and coordinated their work with
corporate and ideological interests on the right. 

Despite these challenges for progressives, Progressive States Network has worked to build an alternative network of legislators and allied organizations to promote progressive policy.  And as we documented in Building a Progressive Majority in the States, polls and other indicators highlight the opportunities to advance progressive policy.  

In our Political Strategy section, we highlight the political context of state developments and how progressives should take advantage of these developments in a range of  Dispatch Strategy Items, just as our  Eye on the Right feature helps progressives track the methods and wedge issues used by the rightwing.   We also highlight resources from around the web that put a  Spotlight on Rightwing Organizing,