Senator Kennedy, Progressive States Network,, Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, WiLL to Discuss Next Steps in Sta

Conference call will follow up on nationwide state legislative campaign condemning president’s proposed “Surge”? Progressive States Network, Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, Women Legislators’ Lobby, and are hosting a follow-up conference call with Senator Edward Kennedy and state legislators nationwide to build on the recent anti-escalation efforts. The Progressive States Network has been working with legislators nationwide to pass resolutions calling on Congress to prevent President Bush’s escalation. To date, resolutions or letters have been introduced in 23 states. Just today, the U.S. House passed a resolution condemning the proposed surge, and the Senate is expected to take action over the weekend. Over the past week, the Vermont State House & Senate, the California State Senate, and the Iowa State Senate passed resolutions, with legislators in Maine, Connecticut, Maryland and Minnesota signing letters opposing the escalation. MoveOn, True Majority and others aunched a major campaign last week, mobilizing Americans across the country to contact their state legislators, urging them to take action on the escalation. Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, who is sponsoring federal legislation to prevent the President’s escalation, will brief legislators on Congressional efforts. WHAT: Conference call with state legislators WHO: Progressive States Network and Senator Ted Kennedy WHEN: Tuesday, February 20, 2006 ”“ 1PM EST WHERE: 1-800-391-1709 (Login: 70-94-24) RSVP: