04/06/06 Partners Announce "Cleaning Up Our Statehouses" Conference

Partners Announce "Cleaning Up Our Statehouses" Conference New Hampshire Meeting Focuses on "Legislative Reform Strategies"
Helena, MT — In the face of stepped up national interest in how to address the problem of corruption in government, a coalition of national and local organizations are co-hosting a conference in Concord, NH on May 12th to identify solutions and policies that can help restore trust in America’s public institutions. “Americans more than ever need to know their elected officials work for them. The purpose of this conference is to give legislators policy tools — from various public financing models to serious lobbying reform measures — that can reinstill faith in our government,” explained Steve Doherty and David Sirota, PLAN’s Co-Chairs. “The depth and breadth of the problem is evident by the number of organizations — local and national, citizen-directed organizations and think tanks — that see the need push ardently for open and accountable government.” The conference is being sponsored by the Progressive Legislative Action Network (PLAN), Democracy for New Hampshire, New Hampshire Public Research Interest Group (NH PIRG), New Hampshire Citizens Alliance, Americans for Campaign Finance Reform, the Center for American Progress, Common Cause and MoveOn Civic Action. Taking place in Concord, NH, shortly after Governor John Lynch has signed major ethics reform legislation, the conference will also highlight the leadership New England has already shown on reform, notably with Connecticut and Maine among the first in the nation to finance clean elections reform. The conference will include expert panelists discussing lobbying reform and public financing of elections as well as nationally-known keynote speakers. The Keynote speakers and conference agenda will be announced in the coming weeks. For more information, contact Matt Singer of PLAN at 406-544-0211.