A Consumer Guide to State Health Reform

Some health care reformers may recall that in 1994 the makers of Sim-City produced a Sim-Health computer program.  The program, labeled by some as the "dryest" simulation game ever made, allowed users to take control of the US health care system and observe the results of their decisions.   Now, taking a similar yet more user-friendly approach, Community Catalyst and Families USA have teamed up to provide health care advocates with a web-based guide for developing state expansions of health coverage. The navigable service walks you through the various steps and questions you need to ask when developing programs to expand access to health coverage, as well as quality improvement and cost containment initiatives. Topics include: expansion of public programs like Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program; regulation of private insurance; options for funding new programs; and, models for improving quality and reducing long-term health spending. To ensure anybody can take advantage of this service, the guide includes links to health care information from each state and an extensive glossary of health care terms.

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