Busloads of Protestors Head to D.C.

11Alive News January 26, 2007 Watch the Video
On Friday evening, two busloads of protestors began to make their way to Washington to call for the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq. They are headed to Washington to join what organizers hope will be a big march on Saturday. Earlier in the day on Friday, there was a rally at the state Capitol. Several state lawmakers announced they will file a resolution in the state House urging Congress to oppose President Bush’s plans to send and additional 20,000 troops to Iraq. But the crowd at Friday’s rally was a lot smaller than what organizers want to see in Washington. Fewer than 50 people showed up in the morning cold to declare that the Iraq War is a moral crisis for the country. They argued, for instance, that the war is draining federal dollars from social programs that help those in need, like Georgia's PeachCare health insurance program for kids. Read the Full Article