MT: Three Rightwing Initiatives Knocked Off Ballot for Fraud

A Montana judge has ruled that the signature gathering process for three rightwing ballot initiatives "was permeated by fraud and procedural non-compliance" resulting in all three measures being struck from the Montana ballot. The initiatives in question were a spending cap similar to Colorado's failed TABOR initiative, a land use planning initiative based on Oregon's disastrous Measure 37, and measure to allow recall of judges without cause. All three were backed heavily by New York Developer Howard Rich. Progressive States has repeatedly exposed the misleading and fraudulent tactics employed by Rich and his gang. The inability of Rich and his partners to follow the law has resulted in numerous disqualifications. Their problems following the law have no undermined the impact of a $1 million media buy by Rick Berman's Center for Union Facts, an industry-backed union-busting front-group. The Center put ads on air in Montana, Oregon, Michigan, and Nevada attacking public employees. While it appeared that all four states would have spending cap measures on their ballots this fall giving voters a way to take out their Berman-inspired anger, only Oregon still has a spending cap measure. Berman previously admitted that the presence of the spending cap measures was a reason for the targeting of the ads.