Conservatives vs. Conservatives on Medicaid

With more and more sessions drawing to a close, the latest count shows 15 states that have rejected expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, 20 that have agreed to comply with the law and expand coverage, and the rest still debating expansion. In many states -- including Florida and Ohio -- that debate is playing out in a contentious intramural fight among conservatives themselves. Conservative governors supporting expansion are running into opposition from ideologically opposed lawmakers in their own party, as the political debate over Medicaid increasingly appears to be taking place entirely on one side of the aisle:

The "unexpected consequences" for states that refuse to expand Medicaid include some that could make conservative lawmakers nervous. [AP]

Florida's legislature may be running out of time to expand Medicaid. [Kaiser Health News]

A House committee in Louisiana rejected a Medicaid expansion bill this week. [The Times-Picayune]

After removing it from the budget, Ohio lawmakers may not begin to resolve their Medicaid expansion debate until the fall. [Dayton Business Journal]

Hospital executives in South Dakota are pushing their state to expand Medicaid. [Rapid City Journal]

Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe signed a "private option" compromise expansion proposal into law. [Arkansas News]

Some conservatives in Arkansas are threatening violence against Republican legislators who voted for the plan. [ThinkProgress]

Amazingly, an accidental vote may have doomed Medicaid expansion in Montana. [Washington Post]

An Arizona columnist asks the question: "why is Medicaid expansion even an issue at this point?" [AZ Central]


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