ALEC's "Refocus" on Economy is Bad News for Economy

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Last year, the corporate-backed American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) came under fire for their support of voter suppression and "shoot first" laws. In response, ALEC claimed they would "redouble their efforts on the economic front" this year. But, in fact, ALEC has long focused on policies that weaken wage standards and otherwise endanger working families — and a new report released this week by the National Employment Law Project (with research support from PSN) shows just how. At the same time, efforts to combat the ALEC economic agenda advanced in states including Maryland and Washington as polls and research continue to show that policies like raising the minimum wage, paid family leave, and paid sick days are popular and good for the economy:

Since 2011, 105 wage suppression bills have been introduced in state legislatures. [ThinkProgress]

The full report: "The Politics of Wage Suppression: Inside ALEC’s Legislative Campaign Against Low-Paid Workers." [NELP]

Maryland lawmakers heard testimony this week on a paid sick days bill. [WBOC]

A poll showed that 82% of Maryland voters support the paid sick days proposal, including 64% of Republicans. [Maryland Reporter]

A paid sick time bill is gaining momentum in Vermont. [VT Digger]

A letter to the editor in Connecticut outlines the "clear gains" for the state from their first-in-the-nation paid sick days law. [CT Post]

Your regular reminder that the minimum wage is very, very popular nationwide — even among Republicans. [Huffington Post]

More evidence that raising the minimum wage is also good economic policy. [US News]


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