New Year Brings New Voter Suppression and Electoral Vote Schemes

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Virginia's Senate leadership chose the occasion of Martin Luther King Day on Monday to push through a partisan redistricting bill, taking advantage of the absence of a legislator attending President Obama's inauguration. A separate effort in Virginia to change the way the state awards electoral votes in presidential elections ran into bipartisan opposition, even as lawmakers in other states were considering doing the same:

The backstory on the "secret plan" by Virginia conservatives to push through a partisan redistricting measure on Monday. [Washington Post]

Bipartisan opposition emerged in Virginia to an effort to reapportion the state's electoral votes. [AP]

States from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania may be considering similar legislation to change the way electoral votes are awarded. [AP]

A proposed Pennsylvania bill would "completely transform the role of Pennsylvania’s representation in the Electoral College." [The Daily Pennsylvanian]

Proponents say they want to see a slew of similar state electoral vote bills nationwide in order to lessen the impact of "urban" voters. [The Atlantic]

An analysis showed that over 200,000 Floridians might have given up on voting on Election Day in November due to long lines. [Orlando Sentinel]

Minnesota is looking at enacting early voting. [Minnesota Star-Tribune]


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