MA: Minimum Wage Hike Moves Forward, Omits Cost-of-Living Adjustments

The Massachusetts House is likely to approve a hike in the minimum wage following passage of the bill in the Senate. The bill, which increases the minimum to $8.00, does not tie the minimum wage to inflation in order to address cost-of-living adjustments in the future. Governor Mitt Romney pledged in 2002 to support efforts to tie the minimum wage to changes in cost-of-living. His office is now using that pledge as a possible way to justify a veto of the increase, which the Globe incorrectly asserts would be done to soothe "probusiness" voters. While conservatives often like to insinuate that increases in the minimum wage are bad for business (and the press allows these claims to be reported without evidence or dissenting views), the evidence is clear. Recent history shows states with minimum wages higher than the federal minimum actually experienced faster job growth.