Progressive States Network Statement on the American Power Act (APA)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, May 13, 2010

Progressive States Network Statement on the American Power Act

NEW YORK, NY - Nathan Newman, Executive Director of Progressive States Network, issued the following statement today in response to the introduction of the American Power Act (APA) in the United States Senate:

"Progressive States Network appreciates the goals of the American Power Act. While many provisions are needed to move our nation on a path to a clean energy economy, we have deep reservations about many aspects of the bill. In particular, any final legislation must avoid preempting the ability of states to continue to advance clean energy standards above whatever minimums are adopted at the federal level.

"States from California to Colorado to Minnesota have long been pioneers of clean energy reforms, and states should continue to be allowed to innovate in moving policy forward on clean energy.

"We will continue our work with our active network of state legislators from around the country to ensure that federal legislation is as effective and comprehensive as possible in slowing and reversing climate change, creating green jobs, taking control of our nation's own energy future, and networking a green economy that will power our nation's global competitiveness in the 21st century."

Earlier this year, the Progressive States Network, Communications Workers of America, Sierra Club and the Blue Green Alliance released a joint report entitled "Networking the Green Economy: How Broadband and Related Technologies Can Build a Green Economic Future," which illustrated how smart buildings, smart grids, telehealth, teleconferencing, digital education - all of which are part of a highly-networked economy - will reduce carbon dioxide emissions, conserve energy resources, and promote and retain good, green jobs.

According to the APA, states are to receive allowances for energy efficiency purposes, including the development of the smart grid and other technologies that improve the integration of renewable energy resources and demand-side management of energy. As the bill works its way through the Senate, Progressive States Network will closely monitor this funding and how state legislators will play a role in networking the green economy.

The full Networking the Green Economy report is available at:


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