Paid Sick Days: Multi-State Agenda Campaign Update

Building on successful wins in approving paid sick days law at the city level in San Francisco, Milwaukee and Washington, D.C., an increasing number of states have introduced paid sick days bills to make sure parents are not forced to choose between their job and staying home to take care of themselves or a sick loved one. Seventeen states in 2010 have introduced paid sick days legislation (click map at right) and a number of others not in session this year are planning to introduce it in 2011.

In Connecticut, where the House approved paid sick days last year, the General Assembly's Labor Committee has already approved a bill (SB 63) this year and it has even become a key issue being debated in the gubernatorial race. Hawaii (HB 1687), Massachusetts (SB 688/HB 1815), and Minnesota (HF 612) have moved bills out of initial committees, while Alaska (SB 86) and California (AB 1000) had successful committee approval last year, but haven't yet moved further in the current session. After spirited debate in committees, Maine (LD 1665) ran into tough business opposition and local groups are looking towards greater voter education to move the bill in the future.

Illinois (HB 3665), New York (A 3647/S 2666), North Carolina (HB 177/SB 534), Pennsylvania (HB 1830), and Vermont (H. 382) all introduced bills last year, which were carried over to this year's session. Alabama (HB 557), Arizona (HB 2741), Colorado (HB 1210), Iowa (SF 2337), and Rhode Island (H 7809) each introduced paid sick days bills for the first time this year.

To view a full map of paid sick days bills moving in the states, please click the map at above, or click here.

For model legislation, talking points, analysis of recent cases, ideas for messaging, a list of allies, and reports on the subject, please visit our Paid Sick Days campaign page.