Eye on the Right: Report States Republicans Should Not Court Latino Voters

A recent blog post from the Immigration Policy Center decries a recent report from the anti-immigrant think tank Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), which calls on the Republican Party to essentially give up courting Latino immigrant voters for the time being and remain anti-immigrant.  Why?  According to CIS, recent Latino immigrants are unlikely to ever vote Republican because they are low-wage workers and lack high education levels - apparently prerequisites for voting Republican. 

Instead, CIS -- which has been tied to various nativist organizations that have been designated hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center -- urges anti-immigrant activists and conservatives in general to focus on reaching other Latinos and Asians who have been in the US longer.  According to CIS: “hope for Republican success with immigrant voters lies mainly with the upward mobility and prosperity of Latinos, Asians, and others, something that will occur only with great difficulty given current levels of low-skill, wage-corrosive immigration.”