Paid Sick Days Passes in Connecticut House

Last week, the Connecticut House approved legislation to guarantee paid sick days off for employees in any business with fifty or more employees.  While the Senate adjourned the regular session without voting on the bill, a special budget session to be convened might have a chance to enact the bill.

The outbreak of H1N1 flu was cited in the debate as a recent example of why families need sick days to stay home for their own health as well as that of co-workers.  The bill would provide for one hour of leave for every 40 hours that an employee works and can be used to care for a sick child or to seek treatment because of domestic violence or sexual assault.  The law applies only to hourly workers.

Polling across the country shows overwhelming support for paid sick days legislation: 89% of the public supports a basic labor standard guaranteeing all workers a minimum number of paid sick days. 

And by preventing illness being spread in the workplace and helping more working parents stay in the workforce, the economy will be strengthened.  In Milwaukee, which enacted paid sick days last year, one study on the likely effects of the Milwaukee ordinance found it would actually save businesses $38 million a year in reduced employee turnover and gains to public health. 

Fifteen states introduced paid sick days legislation this year, reflecting the rising concern over the issue across the country. 

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