One key to integrating the children of new immigrants into our communities is making sure they can get a college education.  In 2006, Nebraska joined nine other states that have passed laws, often called DREAM acts, to provide the in-state tuition rate to undocumented immigrants who attend state colleges and universities.  In 2007, the Connecticut legislature voted to do so as well, although unfortunately the Governor in that states vetoed the bill.  Attempts to repeal Nebraska and Utah's DREAM acts failed in both states in 2008.

States can also ensure access to state or locally funded financial aid and scholarships, regardless of immigration status:

  • California's SB 1, which was enacted by the legislature in 2007 but vetoed by the governor, would have made California high school graduates who meet the non-resident in-state tuition requirements eligible for a fee waiver at community college, and enabled them to participate in the Cal Grant state financial aid program.
  • In 2007, New York's proposed A4653 would have expanded scholarship opportunities for immigrant students.

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