"National Popular Vote" Fix for Electoral College Passes MD Senate


Yesterday, the Maryland Senate approved legislation that would grant Maryland's 10 Electoral College votes to the Presidential candidate receiving the most votes nationally, rather than to the winner of the state-- a system that would go into effect if enough other states approve similar legislation to guarantee the Presidency to the candidate winning the popular vote nationally.

"It's a stand on principle," said Sen. Jamie B. Raskin, D-Montgomery, the sponsor of the bill, which passed 29-17 and now goes to the House of Delegates. "What we're saying is the person who won the national popular vote should be president."

This follows the Arkansas House, Hawaii Senate, and Colorado Senate passing similar bills, adding to the national momentum behind the National Popular Vote movement.

Part of the goal is to encourage Presidential candidates to pay greater attention to solidly "Blue" and "Red" states which are often taken for granted.  And it means that voters in those states will have more reason to turnout to vote since each vote will actually count.



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