Election Day Registration Bills Advance Nationwide


Last week saw big advances in the movement to make registering to vote easier, as multiple chambers around the country approved Election Day Registration (EDR) bills:

  • On March 13rd, the Washington Senate approved SB 5561
  • On March 14th, the Hawaii House approved HB 1133
  • And on March 20th, the Iowa House approved HSB 204

Just yesterday, a North Carolina House Committee approved registration during the early voting period up to the Saturday before election day.  Our friends at Demos have an updated chart (current as of 3-19) on what EDR bills have been introduced around the country and how they are progressing in committee.

"Democracy in our county depends on the ability of all of our citizens to participate in free and open elections," said Rep. Beth Wessel-Kroeschell, vice-chairwoman of the committee on state government, in praising the Iowa bill's goals. 

With Election Day Registration documented to be one of the best ways to expand voter participation, these legislative advances are an encouraging sign that states across the country are making voter participation a priority.



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