ME: Polling Reveals Uphill Struggle to Defeat TABOR

A new poll in Maine reveals the uphill battle progressives face in educating the public about the dangers of TABOR-style spending caps. The poll reports that nearly three in four voters say they would vote for TABOR if the option was put in front of them today.

We know that voters' minds can be changed on the subject. In Colorado where TABOR was passed in the early 90s, voters shifted and voiced their opposition just last year, significantly altering their TABOR in order to give their state's budget the ability to breathe. But America can't afford to have to learn this lesson again the hard way. Instead, efforts to oppose TABOR-like measures need to be prioritized.

As we highlighted on Monday, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is using an innovative property tax rebate as one way of fighting TABOR -- the spending cap's provisions are so perverse that they actually effectively prohibit certain tax rebates in favor of tax cuts that favor the richest.

Across the country, grassroots organizations are mobilizing to oppose TABORs. Check out our additional resources section to find one in your neck of the woods.

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