CA: National Popular Vote Advances

In states across the country, a simple idea is building momentum. Rather than amending the Constitution to guarantee that the winner of the national popular vote wins the Presidency, why not simply amend state law?

The gist is this: states enter into an agreement. If states with enough electors to elect a President on their own pass similar measures, all the measures go into effect and the bound states award all of their electors to the winner of the popular vote nationally.

The good news is this: California's assembly just embraced the measure by a vote of 42-25. The measure has had similar success in the Colorado senate and a Louisiana committee. Even better -- the measure is meeting with bipartisan support, including from legislators whose own parties may stand to lose their own states' electors if the measure passes.

The fact that this legislation is moving in so many states only reinforces the need for an increased progressive focus on the state level. The states have a huge ability to significantly impact issues of national concern. And state lawmakers, from both parties, are less a part of the culture of corruption than too many federal officials.

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