IL: Culture of Corruption Lands Former Governor Behind Bars

Georgia10, one of the front-page writers at dKos, has an apt summary of what went down in Illinois today, where former Governor George Ryan has been convicted of multiple counts regarding years of corrupt behavior. One of the most important items in the post is the emphasis on how the corruption impacted people. Ryan's corrupt operation allowed unqualified truck drivers "earn" driving licenses through bribes. One of those truck drivers had an accident that killed six children. It turns out that public regulations exist for a reason. Who knew? The highlight, though, is that it is possible to fight back against corruption. If you want your own ideas for how to prevent or beat back corruption in your own state, we'll be offering a great opportunity soon through our "Cleaning Up Our Statehouses Conference" in New Hampshire. Along with a number of co-sponsors and with expert panelists, we'll be discussing a range of options open to states looking to move forward on securing good government. It should be a great event. And we'd love to have you there.