Research Roundup 4/6: Employment for Women in the Green Economy, Young America's Job Crisis, Voting Laws Roundup, and More

Quality Employment for Women in the Green Economy: Industry, Occupation, and State-by-State Job Estimates [Institute for Women's Policy Research]
"This report provides the first-ever estimates of women’s employment in the green economy, state-by-state, by industry, and by occupation."

Scarring Effects: Demographics of the Long-Term Unemployed and the Danger of Ignoring the Jobs Deficit [National Employment Law Project]
"This report explores who the long-term unemployed are and how their ongoing estrangement from the labor force hurts the entire economy. We suggest that the diversity of this population means it will take a variety of job creation measures to reattach them to the workforce, and that the longer we wait in the name of austerity to implement these programs, the more intractable the problem of long-term unemployment will become."

Stuck: Young America's Persistent Jobs Crisis [Demos]
"Demos investigated the Bureau of Labor Statistics data for young adults in 2012 in order to see how the experience of young people today affects their prospects for tomorrow. We found that last year passed with no significant gains for young people, who continue to endure a jobs crisis even as the economy recovers. The latest numbers from 2013 reveal no significant change in the trend."

Election 2013: Voting Laws Roundup [Brennan Center]
"In 2013, state legislators continue to push laws that would make it harder for eligible American citizens to vote. At the same time, others are pressing measures to improve elections. Below you will find a regularly-updated, comprehensive roundup of where restrictive laws were introduced, where they are pending, where they are active, and where they have passed thus far."

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