Research Roundup 2/2: Regressive State Tax Systems, Voter Registration Modernization, What's Missing From GDP, and More

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In this week's roundup: reports on the regressive nature of state tax systems, how states are making it easier to apply for Medicaid, voter registration modernization, federal budget cuts, corporations influencing education policy, the failings of GDP as a statistic, paid sick days in Philadelphia, public attitudes on Social Security, and how the state of the states is becoming (slightly) more liberal: 

Who Pays? A Distributional Analysis of the Tax Systems in All 50 States. [Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy]

Report: States Making It Easier To Apply For Medicaid [Kaiser Family Foundation]

The Case for Voter Registration Modernization [Brennan Center]

Budget Cuts Set Funding Path to Historic Lows [Center for American Progress]

Corporate Interests Pay to Play to Shape Education Policy, Reap Profits [In the Public Interest]

What's Missing From GDP? [Demos]

Valuing Good Health in Philadelphia: The Costs and Benefits of Paid Sick Days [Institute for Women's Policy Research]

Survey: Americans Make Hard Choices on Social Security, Prefer to Raise Payroll Taxes and Increase Benefits [National Academy of Social Insurance]

State of the States: Americans Slightly Less Conservative, Slightly More Liberal [Gallup]

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