Research Roundup

Apr 26, 2007
A new report by Service Employees International Union shows the negative effects that result when private equity takes public companies private.   Not only does the public lose access to critical information needed to maintain the accountability of corporations, but workers are usually allowed no voice in the deals and usually receive little benefit from them.
Apr 19, 2007
The bad news on Wal-Mart's abuse of taxpayers keeps coming. New research by Citizens for Tax Justice and Change to Win shows that Wal-Mart used tax loopholes in escape $2.3 billion in state corporate income taxes between 1999 and 2005.   But the news is worse-- add in health care costs dumped on taxpayers and other scams, and WakeUpWal-Mart estimates that Wal-Mart is costing state taxpayers up to $2.5 billion EVERY YEAR.
Apr 12, 2007
As we noted in our tax reform conference call last week, there are movement in many states to enact "combined reporting" reforms to prevent companies from using accounting games among corporate subsidiaries to avoid state taxes.  The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities has a new report highlighting this trend, while a number of local organizations have reports on the need in their states:
Mar 29, 2007
With Tax Day coming, the Center for Budget Policy & Priorities (CBPP) has a report debunking the right-wing Tax Foundation's "Tax Freedom Day" propaganda about the tax burden on middle class families due to state and local taxes.  In fact, the Tax Foundation's reports are based on tax estimates that have been proven to be inaccurate and inconsistent over time. 
Mar 22, 2007
Treating teenagers like adults in the criminal justice system, especially for youth charged with non-violent crimes, is a recipe for crippling young lives without increasing public safety.  This is the conclusion of a wide-ranging report by The Campaign for Youth Justice, which also highlights which states promote the best and worst practices in dealing with teenage offenders.
Mar 15, 2007


Want the simplest way to expand voter turnout?  Enact Election Day Registration (EDR), which increases turnout by 10 to 12 percentage points, according to a new report by Demos, which highlighted how widely successful EDR was in states that used it in the 2006 election.

Mar 08, 2007
A major report (large PDF) by the bi-partisan Commission on the National Guard and Reserves bolsters criticisms by states that the Iraq war has led to neglect of the domestic mission of the National Guard and that coordination with states has been lacking.  The report recommends reforms to put a higher priority on domestic missions and increase the influence of governors over National Guard deployments.
Mar 01, 2007

An analysis by the Center for Budget & Policy Priorities find that the President's budget provides less than half the funds states need to maintain SCHIP enrollment-- and erects fiscal incentives for states to cease providing SCHIP to many children and low-income parents.