Research Roundup

Mar 13, 2008
In a major new report on transit, A Better Way to Go, the US PIRG Education Fund highlights the environmental, economic and quality-of-life gains that increased investments in public transit can yield. The report emphasizes that such investments can play a major role in reducing dependence on foreign oil and global warming emissions.
Mar 06, 2008
ACORN has just released a policy options report for state legislators on how to deal with the foreclosure crisis that includes policies to not only deal with the current crisis, but also work to prevent the crisis from happening again in the future.
Feb 28, 2008
A new Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) report, The Decline in African-American Representation in Unions and Manufacturing, 1979-2007, details how the decline in manufacturing has disproportionately hurt African Americans, cutting them off from a rich source of well-paying, unionized jobs. Adding to the problem of declining manufacturing jobs has been the drop in unionization rates within remaining manufacturing jobs.
Feb 21, 2008
In a ground-breaking report, Getting Ahead or Losing Ground: Mobility in America, the Economic Mobility Project found that widening gaps in higher education between those coming from rich and poor families as well as disparities between white and minority children, are leading to a downturn in opportunities for the poorest families. Only 11 percent of children from the poorest families have earned college degrees in recent years, trapping most of them in the lowest income brackets in adulthood.
Feb 14, 2008
In a new report, Cities and Immigration: Local Policies for Immigrant-Friendly Cities, the Center on Wisconsin Strategy has prepared a systematic guide for cities looking to design inclusive policies to incorporate immigrants fully into local economies and raise living standards for all residents, from prohibiting the collection of information on immigration status by local agencies to enacting living wage laws to supporting workers centers for day laborers to expanding health care for residents to providing legal advice to immigrants looking to become citizens.
Feb 07, 2008
In Debtors' Prison””Prisoners' Accumulation of Debt as a Barrier to Reentry, CLASP and Brennan Center authors outline how financial penalties and the application of unrealistic child support rules undermines post-prison rehabilitation, undercuts long-term support for the children themselves, and prevents reintegration into society.
Jan 31, 2008
Instead of expanding state funds for unemployment insurance and other local funding that would help working families, President Bush is still locked into an ideology that prefers tax giveaways to business, as the Drum Major Institute argues in their analysis of this year's State of the Union address
Jan 24, 2008
Like too many property tax relief programs, the tax savings from the Florida "Save Our Homes" program, which may be expanded by a vote next Tuesday, have gone overwhelmingly to the richest state residents according to a new report to be published in the Journal of Real Estate Research. The result has been a tax bonanza for owners of multi-million dollar homes. Similarly, a new study by the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute argues that property tax cut proposals by Georgia political leaders would come at the expense of working families who would likely see higher sales taxes even as richer residents would see tax cuts.